Words of Gratitude

Final Quote of the Week :

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Ecclesiastes: 3:1


Here are some words from our Education Director, Eileen Horowitz, addressing the members of Cohort 12. She acknowledges the work of all of the people who made this year possible. 


Now is the season of gratitude and departure.
We give thanks to the myriad of people-power it takes to help each cohort go through their 13-month journey.

We thank our CEs: Aubrie, Bonnie, Michelle, Marilyn, Rosa, Sue and Sarah for their tireless commitment to help ensure a bright future for the students in our Jewish Day Schools. By giving so freely of their time, energy, and most importantly their expertise and wisdom, you have been gently guided along to where you are today. Thank you to your incredible mentors, who benefitted from having you as an intern almost as much as you benefitted from them! Thank you this year to Bonnie and Michelle for their guidance to each of us as we continue to learn what the new state requirements are for testing and student teaching and for helping us find a way to meet the needs of all.

Thank you to Caryn whose continued nurturing this year has helped you in numerous ways including your housing needs, your dietary needs and your need to have all pertinent information artfully spelled out in your DNA each week and in reminder emails.

A big thank you to Roxie, for finding the best and brightest instructors who taught you so much in their specialty areas! Lynn, Marc, Alan, Carolee, Kristi, Lori, Sarah, Larry, Sandy, Sue, Bonnie, Georgie, and Michelle, gave you all they knew to help you be educated and informed teachers. Special thanks to Rivka for taking theory and helping you put it into practice with her magical way of making her thinking visible. With these forces at your back, it is no wonder you are ready to take your place in our noble profession. You also have wonderful instructors waiting for you this summer; Shari, Sharroky, Marilyn, Shara, Sarah, and Tali, who are added to the list of consummate educators to make your journey worthwhile.

We welcomed Shara this year too, whose social media presence empowered each of you to begin a new way of collaborating with DeLeT colleagues from your own and past cohorts.

We also welcomed Sue, as our DeLeT assistant, enabling you to have another support person to help with various tasks at hand.

Most importantly we thank Michael for his initial vision to begin DeLeT, for he knew as we all know now, the power of a collaborative, reflective group of students, learning cutting edge pedagogy, using a shared language of educational terms infused with humanity and spirituality.

We will also greet our new Summer Team: Rabbinic Intern Jeremy Gimbel, and Rabbi Deborah Schuldenfrei, who will join the DeLeT team as Coordinator of Jewish Programming. They are both in for a great summer!

While we might feel as though we are moving through the desert, as our ancestors did so many millennium ago, we know we are not alone. We have a Kehillah, a community to support and protect us as we continue along our journey.

And of all the thank you’s, the biggest one is for all of you. Your individual and collective light shone brightly this year in everything you said and did. You made us proud on campus and at your site schools. You made us proud as we watched you support each other. You made us proud as you acknowledged each other’s successes and learned from each other. Mostly, we are proud of each of you for finding your “who-ness”, so that you can go forward next year inspired and confident to bring your gifts into the world to make it a better place.

May each of you be blessed as you manage the last few weeks at your site schools and make the transition to being here this summer, as a model and friend of cohort 13!

Shabbat Shalom and I look forward to seeing you all on June 16th!

Good Luck Ilana, we will miss you!

(Note from Caryn – None of us could have done our jobs so well without the support and encouragement of Eileen. All of us who work in this magnificent program send our thanks and appreciation to an amazing educator, Education Director, cheerleader and great optimist. We are proud to work with you every day!)

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