Our Clinical Educators: Michelle Schwartz

Michelle SI loved teaching in Jewish day schools, so when DeLeT needed a Clinical Educator, I rejoiced in the opportunity to be in the classroom again. As a CE, I was to work not in one school or one grade level, but in several. I have always sought the stimulation and challenge of doing new things and DeLeT has abundantly met that need. It has fed my Jewish mind and expanded my Jewish soul.

I have several roles in the DeLeT world. In 2008 Michael Zeldin asked Bonnie Sharfman and me to see if it would be possible for HUC-JIR to offer fellows a California teaching credential along with their certificate in teaching from HUC-JIR. As a result of our work, HUC-JIR was named the first Jewish institution in California accredited by the State of California to offer the Preliminary Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential. So now, along with Bonnie, I serve as credential coordinator for DeLeT.  I am an instructor, guiding fellows to develop strong strategies for teaching reading and writing. I am also the DeLeT alumni faculty liaison, working closely with the DAN, the DeLeT Alumni Network.

I play different roles in DeLeT, but the most rewarding has been my role as Clinical Educator. DeLeT has given me many gifts – the gift of challenging work and the gift of creating something new – but the best gift has been the gift of finding, coaching, and collaborating with so many gifted teachers-to-be. “My” fellows include Tamar Buchris, Jody Passanisi, Yechiel Hoffman, Danit Benito, Joel Abramovitz, Rachel Aleman, Devorah Servi, Amy Watenmaker, Libby Clearfield, Natalie Fisher, Orly Douek, Michelle Barton, Lauren Sadler, Shiri Surkin, Jenny Bennett, Micah Glass-Siegel, Audrey Kraus, and, this year, Yael Tzalka and Gilad Weisner. They form an illustrious list of Jewish education professionals! I am so proud of them and the many gifts that they are now giving to our children.

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