Meet the Mentor: Kaylee Frager

This week we meet Kaylee Frager, 4th Grade Judaic Studies teacher at Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School in Foster City, CA

WornickMy mentoring experience for DeLeT has enhanced my teaching and personal growth in ways I could not have imagined, and I’m very grateful.

Working with the DeLeT Interns – talented young people who care deeply about becoming effective teachers – has given me an appreciation for fresh talent and potential. While I offer experience and expertise, my DeLeT Interns have introduced unique perspectives and fresh insights, giving me ways to rethink and redesign my teaching. Being a 40 year veteran teacher, this is challenging and exciting, certainly helpful in keeping methodologies fresh and current!

Reflecting with my Interns has helped me become more time efficient in the classroom and better focused on other aspects of my teaching that I might not notice on my own. In a word, having a DeLeT Intern has turned my classroom into an environment for mutual professional growth, where both my Intern and I share, discuss and critique, to help one another be our best selves.

Above all else, being a DeLeT mentor has brought meaningful and caring relationships into my life. These young professionals share my purpose and passion for teaching; serving as a DeLeT mentor has connected me to the future of education while giving me a sense of lasting purpose. My Interns are, and will continue to be, my colleagues and my very good friends.

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