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Meet the Mentor: Lizzie Harari

Lizzie Harari is a 4th grade teacher at Brawerman Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA.


My teaching career began 11 years ago at Brawerman Elementary School. I have had the privilege of teaching different grade levels and multiple subjects, from 3rd to 6th grade general studies, and P.E. to Judaica. In each of these positions, I gained new insights and perspectives on teaching, but the real excitement and joy for me is having the opportunity to integrate Judaism into whatever I teach. I am grateful to have a thumbprint on shaping students’ Jewish identities and their connections to the Jewish people.

Being a part of the DeLeT program is a wonderful experience. It is an honor to be chosen as a mentor for Jewish educators and the future of Jewish education. Sharing my professional practice, philosophy, and teaching strategies with my DeLeT fellow serves us both, as I continue to learn from working with her. I have become a better educator while in the process of brainstorming, planning, and assessing with my fellow. Seeing the growth in the DeLeT fellows over the years has been inspiring. I also enjoy the opportunity to share, connect, and learn from my fellow mentors and colleagues in the DeLeT program. I look forward to more studying, collaboration, and reflection with my DeLeT family.

Meet the Mentor: Karen Lepp

Karen Lepp is a 1st grade teacher at Ilan Ramon Day School in Agoura, CA.

Life is a journey full of learning. As a first grade teacher and mentor, it is quite an honor for me to be part of
the DeLeT program. Knowing that I am guiding and coaching someone to become a teacher is something I am so passionate about. This is helping to make me a stronger and more diversified educator. To help another person achieve their dream is a rare opportunity, and I feel privileged to do so.

As a mentor, my DeLeT fellow and I constantly work in unison. We act as sounding boards, planners and facilitators in so many ways together.
We jointly identify classroom issues, plan learning strategies for dealing with these issues, and implement them in order to make positive changes.

This position enables me to be a “live” resource. With 17 years of work in the teaching profession, I am able to use my own classroom experiences to help my Fellow meet her goals. What a wonderful way to give back to the community, to teach others, and to help another person fulfill their dream.


Meet the Mentor: Orit Solomon


Orit Solomon is a 2nd grade Hebrew and Judaic Studies teacher at Brandeis Hillel Day School in San Francisco.

Happy New Year! For the last few months, I have enjoyed reading the Meet the Mentor section in the DeLeT newsletter, and getting to know my DeLeT colleagues. It is inspiring to know that all of us mentors-– veteran and new– are sharing deep pride, pure love, passion and compassion about teaching. Judaism is important for all of us, and we all acknowledge that participating in the DeLeT program does make us better teachers.

We all feel that being a mentor nourishes our minds and souls; it makes us think, question, wonder, explore, and work together. We all share
the important vision of bringing well-trained teachers to work in Jewish day schools, and the importance of preserving Jewish education for many generations to come. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of this unique and devoted group of individuals engaged in AVODAT KODESH/ Holy Work.

I have participated as a Jewish Studies mentor in the DeLeT program since its inception in 2002. I remember so vividly my first trip to LA, with Chaim Heller, our then Head of School, and Rachel Klein, my General studies partner and very dear friend for over 20 years, all ready to learn and see what doors we are going to open, and how we are going to do that successfully.

Meeting the DeLeT fellow/intern has always been the moment I look forward to the most. Knowing that these individuals have chosen to become educators in a Jewish setting has been so magical for me. I would like to thank Sara Goldrath, our intern this year, for inspiring me each day to be the best I can, as a person, and as an educator, and for bringing new ideas each day, and “freshness” to us and our students. Our 2nd graders are so happy to have Sara teaching them and supporting them each day, and our future generations will be blessed with her presence and guidance.